Are you doing the right thing with your rubbish?

Can you guarantee that the old mattress you paid someone to take away isn’t now embedded in the undergrowth of a local
country lane? Or that the defunct washing machine you left outside isn’t causing a spin on someone else’s farmland?

Every householder has a duty of care to make sure rubbish of any type removed from their home does not end up harming the environment by being fly tipped. If they don’t ensure the person removing their rubbish is a registered waste carrier and their rubbish is then dumped the householder can face a Fixed Penalty Notice of £200 or end up in court. This includes leaving items outside a property in the hope they will ‘disappear’ – you must know who is removing your waste and ensure they are registered with the Environment Agency. Scrap metal and other unwanted items left outside encourages unlicensed waste carriers to drive around residential areas looking for ‘easy money’.

Wealden District Council offers the following advice to anyone with rubbish of any type to be removed in any way other than in their property’s refuse bins:

• DO check to see if a waste carrier is registered. You can find out
by visiting the listings on the Environment Agency’s website or by
telephoning 03708 506 506.
• DO ask to see a waste carrier’s licence. It will either be A4 paper or
credit card-size and will feature the Environment Agency’s logo.
• DO retain a receipt or record of their details.
• DON’T use anyone who cold calls.