Broadband: Election Promise Made. Election Promise Delivered

Nus Ghani welcomes the fantastic news that persistent campaigning has resulted in an announcement that full fibre broadband is on its way to Wealden.

Clive Selly, the Openreach CEO, unveiled an ambitious plan for building full fibre broadband facilities in 227 market towns and villages across the UK.

Hailsham, Horsebridge, Lower Dicker, Upper Dicker, as well as Forest Row are the locations set to benefit from this much-awaited announcement, with work due to start within the next 14 months.

Nus Ghani has long campaigned for better broadband coverage in Wealden. Last year, she carried out an internet speed survey, which found that while the connection has improved in some areas, some residents still receive only an insignificant fraction of the service they pay for. She took these findings, alongside individual cases, to Wealden District Council, East Sussex County Council, and the Government. On top of this, she lobbied Openreach, as part of her campaign to get Wealden better service.

Upon receiving Clive Selly’s announcement, Nus Ghani said:

‘I am delighted that the broadband ordeal will soon be over for my constituents. Broadband and mobile coverage are two of the most frequent issues I deal with, as it affects students, businesses, farmers and families. I have been elected on a promise to see better connection in Wealden and today I can say: “election promise made – election promise delivered”.’

‘Over the past five years, I have been relentless in my work to represent Wealden and secure better telecom infrastructure and service. A good connection is no longer a luxury – it is a prerequisite of modern life, with people needing it to book GP appointments, log their tax returns, and keep in touch with loved ones.’

‘Whilst I welcome the fantastic news from Openreach, I will continue to campaign for improvements in other parts of the constituency as well. I will not stop lobbying the company until all of Wealden can surf the internet at 21st century speeds.’