Conservators of Ashdown Forest welcomed their new Chief Executive

The Conservators of Ashdown Forest welcomed their new Chief Executive, James Adler, in January:

“I am delighted to introduce myself.  I started as CEO just a few weeks ago and have been overwhelmed by the kind words and messages of support that I have received.  I am working hard to meet and listen to as many people as possible to build my understanding of what is needed to look after Ashdown Forest. This is more difficult during the pandemic but if you do see me out on Forest, please say hello from an appropriate social distance! 

I have been fortunate to have worked in nature conservation and land management throughout my career. I have visited Ashdown Forest many times both professionally and personally and it has always stood out as one of the most important and cherished areas in southern England.

It is also clear that the Forest has its problems and is facing challenges.  These come from several angles and include our funding, infrastructure, and an increase in visitor numbers. The Forest is by no means alone in experiencing these and we will work locally, regionally and nationally to help us understand, manage and overcome such issues. 

We will continue to need your support throughout this process and in these difficult times, your support is more important than ever.”

James Adler – Chief Executive

As we move into spring with warmer weather and longer days, the Forest will once again burst into life.  

Look out for the bright yellow Brimstone butterflies on warm sunny days as well as adders and other reptiles that will bask in the spring sunshine. Adders, in particular, can be very well disguised and difficult to spot so please try to keep your dogs from running loose in the undergrowth.

Looking further ahead, our sheep will be lambing off the Forest throughout March and April and the livestock (sheep and cattle) will be returning to the grazing enclosure shortly after Easter.

You can help and show your support with our 2021 car window sticker.  All proceeds go directly to the Conservators who have cared for Ashdown Forest since 1885.

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