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12 January 2022 • Forest Row Local
New Year, New You
With Christmas just a memory it’s time to face the New Year. January is traditionally a great time for many of us to think about our health and habits. Especially when we may have over indulged during the holiday season. New Year’s resolutions are annually made and forgotten, often after just a few weeks. This can leave many wondering how to break negative habits such as smoking and drinking or how to lose that excess weight.
‘One You East Sussex’ is a council run initiative
set up in conjunction with the NHS Better Health programme. The programme offers help and support to make the changes you need to successfully give up smoking, drinking and lose weight for good.
With 63% of adults living in the UK overweight or obese it has never been more important to address this national problem. 90% of those living with type 2 diabetes are overweight and a third of the adult population do not exercise enough. Diabetes is
not the only condition that is connected to being overweight, or the over consumption of alcohol and smoking. Some cancers, strokes and many others serious conditions can be prevented if we were to choose a healthier lifestyle.
At ‘One You East Sussex’ you will be offered access to programmes such as Gloji an online weight loss programme which you can follow from the comfort of your own home. Gloji offers a weight loss tracker, plus interactive videos with your own health life coach offering one to one support. Also on offer is a weight loss programme just for men called Man
V Fat Challenge and Man V Football. You will also be offered one-to-one support of up to twelve appointments to support you through giving up smoking and or drinking plus advice on how to increase your exercise levels.
‘One You’ have health care coaches on hand to guide you towards successful weight loss with information to help and guide you along the way. Whether its losing weight, exercising more or giving up smoking or drinking, your efforts are statistically proven to be far more successful if you have support than if you’re doing it alone.
The last two years have had a serious effect on the nation’s health and wellbeing with many admitting
to smoking, drinking and eating more to deal with the stress they have felt. There has been a serious impact on the nation’s mental health too. Now is the time for us to move forward and find ways to deal with not only living, but living healthily and stress free. We need to focus on good health rather than live in fear of illness. Stress is more likely to lead to ill health than almost anything else and so many have lived and are still living in a state of fear and anxiety. Support from initiatives such as ‘One You East Sussex’ are more important than ever to help us emerge from the past two years and take back control of our lives. Let us look forward to 2022, put the past two years behind us and focus on community, good health and compassion for others.
  You can find out more about One You East Sussex at
 01342 889 455

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