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6 January 2021 • Forest Row Local
January the New Season to be Jolly
I think many of us generally view January as a month ‘we just have to get through’. Christmas is over, spring feels like a distant dream and the weather this month is usually at its worst. However, this year I imagine many of us are just grateful to have left 2020 behind and are feeling tentative but hopeful that January 2021 will be the beginning of a much brighter and happier year.
Last year took its toll on most of us but none more so than small businesses and in particular those businesses in retail and hospitality. Many business owners across
the UK have sadly had to close their doors and many people who work in some of the lowest paid industries, have lost their jobs. 2021 is not looking too promising for
so many, and even if we manage
to get through the year without resorting to another lockdown it
is going to be a struggle for those who have managed to cling on to their livelihoods.
This is where we can all help
by supporting local business. Wherever possible, we should buy what we can locally. From farm shops and farmers markets to small retail outlets and charity shops.
We should also make the effort to venture out, despite the weather, and visit local cinemas and theatres, get our hair done or treat ourselves to a massage or manicure. This would be a boost for us as well as the small businesses. We should also go out to eat if we can
afford to. January is never a good month for retail and hospitality as
everyone is usually exhausted both financially and emotionally after all the Christmas celebrations. But it’s likely these things didn’t happen this Christmas. It’s also likely we missed out on the annual parties and festive celebrations. Many of the things that would normally fill December did not happen, so let’s do what we can in January to make up for that and help businesses to recoup some of their lost revenue.
At the time of writing none of us knows what the rules will be for the New Year and even if we still aren’t able to eat out with friends and families from other households, the hospitality business really need our support. Immediately after the second lockdown ended in December
it was apparent that a lot of restaurants and pubs were struggling. Once people realised they could only eat out with those in their own household, many of the planned pre-Christmas celebrations were cancelled. Unable to eat out with friends and extended family, many
of us just didn’t bother. This resulted in an even greater strain on the hospitality business at what should have been their busiest time of year.
So, let’s make January the new season to be jolly. Enjoy a coffee and cake with your family or afternoon tea at a local hotel or café. Go out for breakfast, lunch or dinner and make January a bit more fun. We all know finances can be tight after Christmas, but we need to do this if we can, to help keep our local businesses stay open, now and in the future.
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