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24 July 2020 • Forest Row Local
Stars for July 2020
with Howard Parker, the Astro-guide -
 Cancer: 21 June - 22 July
Batten down the hatches! The two new moon eclipses
in your own sign will filter deep down into you until they find what needs to change. This could be one hell of an emotional experience so finding enough mental space to remember it is an essential learning experience and that its ‘all for the best’ is not going to be easy. Persist and cling on!
Leo: 23 July - 21 August
You may wish it was your month, but it ain’t! And there’s no point crying about the gallons of milk that are going to spilt. If you can, remind yourself, especially in the last week of the month, that the sun moves into your sign at the end of the month and this should allow a little sunshine in. You may even get a glimpse that all that trouble and stress was worth it. Or not!
Virgo: 22 August - 22 September
Unlike most folk, you at least will have a tool-kit of remedies to keep yourself sane and physically healthy this month, whether it’s yoga, meditation, or herbal medicines. You’re going to need them, not just for yourself but also to help others less well equipped during these upsetting, unsettling and challenging times.
Libra: 24 September - 22 October
Your career may not feel like the vocation it was when you went into it. The passion may have gone out of it and you may feel restless and at sea as these challenging days wreak havoc with people’s sense of equilibrium. The new normal will remake us in many unfamiliar ways so be on the look out for what the next alternative normal for you might be.
Scorpio: 23 October - 21 November
The emotions of the month may assume tsunami-like proportions for you inside but possibly no-one is better suited to diving deep down to the bottom of the sea and finding out what’s going on down there than you. I know that’s a bit cryptic but your intuition will let you understand what it all means if you give yourself free rein.
Sagittarius: 22 November - 21 December
Avoidance strategies are not likely to be any good this month (I might have said this before but have you actually been listening?). It is a very intense and emotional month with 2 new moons, (that’s rare anyway) but add in that they are both solar eclipses and you have something very strong indeed. It’s time to stand strong in your ground and not run away emotionally.
Capricorn: 22 December - 19 January
The spot-light is on your most significant relationships this
month and they need an overhaul. Anything you are not dealing with very well could well come back and bite you so you will need to look a bit wider for explanations than you usually do. There is no neat, solution based formula here, you are going to have to go into emotional territory, I’m afraid!
Aquarius: 20 January - 17 February
Make adjustments, course corrections, call them what you like but almost all your everyday routines are going to be subjected to some sort of change. You might have to look after your health more than usual, you might be called on to amend your work routines, or there might be a need to change a number of your habits this month. Don’t be too wedded to making things happen. They won’t!
Pisces: 18 February - 19 March
Things are still muddled of course but at least the watery emotionality of the month will suit you on some level. Thinking things out won’t yield productive results and empathy is the key skill for July. You don’t need me to
tell you that it is your intuition that will see you through difficulties that other more rational folk are really struggling with.
Aries: 20 March - 19 April
Mars in your sign is going to find itself at odds with the flavour of this month. The accent in July is on strong emotions so toys may be thrown out of prams as you find it all a bit much to deal with. Men in particular will struggle with this and tantrums may abound! I doubt you’ll be a meditator but if you are, delve into the irritability and you may find that actually what you are feeling is panic.
Taurus: 20 April - 20 May
Structures are being pulled apart so that eventually they can be restructured for the future. Even though you are usually fairly level-headed and like to keep your feet on the ground, it may be all starting to get to you. Taureans can be a bit terrifying when they ‘lose it’ so be careful with this energy and find a productive outlet if you possibly can.
Gemini: 21 May - 20 June
The easing of lockdown came with last month’s Gemini moon and everyone may have overdone it in their desperation to relate and socialize. July sees a bit of comeuppance as emotions boil and inhibitions spill over and flood us. Venus is still hanging in there in your sign though so there are still ways of appreciating the social world you are in. Share your feelings honestly and listen to others.
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