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32 July 2020 • Forest Row Local
Technology Tips:
Moving to a New Device
Recently so many people have bought new computers, tablets and phones that it seems a good moment to mention how to get them setup from the old one without the usual frustrating moments. Let’s start with mobile devices.
iOS devices (iPad / iPhone)
The on-screen steps while setting up your new iOS device give you the option to transfer data from another device. Moving from iOS to iOS is painless. There are three ways to do this: restore your iCloud backup of your old device; restore from a backup stored on your computer - or even the rather magical possibility of direct transfer by wireless that reasonably recent iOS devices offer.
Migrating from an Android device to iOS is almost as easy. Apple have written an Android program charmingly called Move to iOS for this purpose. Install it on your old device, follow the instructions and the software will do the rest.
Note: If you have an Apple Watch then do “unpair” it from your old device to ensure a smooth transfer to the new one.
Migrating to Android is altogether more fun and games. The key step to a simple migratory life is
to backup your data to your Google account first. Moving from an Android device? Simply pop into Google Drive’s Settings on the old device and select Backup.
If you are leaving iOS for an Android device, nip into the App Store on your old device to install Google Drive and then use it to backup.
When your backup is complete, follow the on-screen setup steps on your new Android device to transfer your information into the new device from your backup.
Migrating computers is similar to mobile devices. Having a backup will be useful. Not got a backup? Then celebrate! For nothing bad has happened to your computer... yet. If you do not have an external drive, I strongly recommend that you buy one. This could be the best £50 you ever spend on your computer.
Upgrading from one Mac to another is plain sailing. The first step is to backup your old Mac using TimeMachine. This software is built-in to your
old mac and will make a thorough backup of your computer to an external drive.
With backup disk prepared, you can start your new Mac and follow the instructions which include using your backup to transfer your data. Some software such as Microsoft Office do not transfer nicely and will need a helping hand to re-install.
Moving from a PC to a Mac is also pleasant. The key is using Apple’s Windows Migration Assistant. This free software will do the hard work of transferring your data to the right places on your new Mac. All you need to do is run some basic checks on your old computer, install the software and make sure that both computers are connected to your network. The on-screen instructions will set the software to do the rest.
Windows computers are, like Android, a little more involved in their approach. Window’s built-in backup facilities make moving between Windows computers fairly straightforward using an external drive - more details on the website.
Moving from a Mac is similar. While it is possible to use your TimeMachine backup, the more common way is to pop everything you want onto a suitable backup drive and copy it to your new Windows PC by hand. As for transferring settings, unfortunately no. For good or bad, your Windows computer will be free of your mac heritage.
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by Roger Lyon Links to useful information and more details on every step are available on the website

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