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10 June 2022 • Forest Row Local
News from... Tablehurst Community Farm
  This month we hear from the young and the old of Tablehurst Farm, starting with Tablehurst Young Farmers and their mission to connect children with regenerative farming practices, followed by Peter Leake, seasoned member of our garden team, reflecting on the incredibly dry conditions this year.
Tablehurst Young Farmers is an independent initiative based at Tablehurst which works in close collaboration with the farm to provide children with practical, farm-based, educational
experiences. Led by Camilla Smits, it’s grown over the
years to comprise eight group leaders running sessions
for children aged 0 to 16, six days a week. The children
follow a farm-based curriculum through which they care
for the farm animals, grow vegetables, weed, harvest,
craft, build structures, help with seasonal events and
a whole lot more. You may well have seen them on
their dedicated plot between the drive and the pond or
wandering around the farm in small groups come rain
or shine! A wide variety of children get involved: pre-
schoolers, those in home education, “flexi-schoolers”
(children who attend school for four days a week and
spend their fifth day on the farm), as well as children
in full-time education (through weekend groups and
holiday clubs). Once a week, Young Farmers also hosts
a group of students from Grove Park, a special school
for learners with complex needs, who take part in work
experience around the farm. If you have a budding
young farmer who would like to get involved, you can
contact them on enquiries@tablehurstyoungfarmers.
org or find out more at their website (
At the end of April, Young Farmers hosted a visit from a group of Forest Row Primary and Sackville students
Upcoming events:
And so to Peter and the weather: “A very dry spring continues at Tablehurst Farm. In the garden, the danger of frost has finally receded and we can safely transplant the tomatoes and peppers into the polytunnels. Soon we will also plant out the courgettes in the field. All three are very prone to frost damage. Our potatoes and onion crops are now out and we pray for rain soon! Drip tapes can alleviate the dry weather problem to some extent but a nice long shower from heaven would be better! Every day the light and warmth increase and with it our enthusiasm! Feel free to come along to the farm and take a look around for yourself.”
If you have any feedback or would like to get involved in what’s going on here at Tablehurst then get in touch with Ket at
You can also follow us on Facebook and Instagram.
from The
the local
youth club
in Forest
Row. Instead of their normal after-school session at the club, the children wandered up to the farm with Youth Services Leader, Mel Mesher, where they were given
a tour and got their hands dirty with some farm work – including mucking out the pigs! It was a wonderful afternoon for all involved and hopefully helped the children to develop a personal connection with the farm in their village. We look forward to welcoming them back again in the future.
This month’s photo taken by Farmer Bowers is featured on the front cover of this issue. It captures some of our Sussex beef herd grazing in a field with the ruins of Brambletye House in the background.
 • Sat 11th Jun & 9th Jul – ‘Farm to Paintbrush’, a pigment-making workshop with local artist Elisabeth den Boer • Sun 26th Jun – the monthly Climate Café
• Sun 26th Jun, 3rd & 10th Jul – ‘A well-being & laughter hour’ with Sam Rehan
Full the full list of events, visit the community events section: We’re planning our schedule for the summer and have some exciting things in the pipeline. This includes educational farm walks with members of our farm and garden teams, food-based events, a biodynamic wine tasting, events with local ecologist and friend of the farm Tom Forward, and hopefully something as part of the Forest Row Festival.
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