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June 2022 • Forest Row Local 29
 Do you know someone over 60 who would enjoy some
support to get out and enjoy their hobbies with friends?
We believe that having Good Company on everyone’s doorstep will help over 60's, many of whom are living with mild cognitive impairment or dementia, enjoy more independent, fulfilling, lives for longer.
The Good Company People is a not for profit organisation. We support self- employed Hosts to provide Good Company sessions for up to five guests who share similar interests in Hosts’ own homes.
Good Company Host's rates start at £11 per hour for a five hour session. This includes transport locally, a nutritious meal, refreshments and activities. Good Company can be enjoyed in different ways: in groups or one to one, at a Host’s home or out and about.
Get in touch to explore what would work for you.
07472 564 519
   01342 889 455

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