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                 Had enough
of being
Are you constantly struggling to achieve a healthy and sustainable weight? How many diets have you tried and failed, feeling totally frustrated and not knowing what to do next?
Rachel Ricketts, Weight Loss Consultant
Feeling and looking better
As the weight falls off, time after time clients remark how much better they feel about themselves and
how their energy levels have increased. Typical health improvements include
can be extremely frustrating no matter what you do, you just can’t get to the weight you want to be. If you have reached the stage where enough is enough and you want to get your weight under control once and for all, read on!
 Improving your health and wellbeing
None of us need to be reminded how being overweight can affect so many different areas of one’s life, to name just a few: appearance, self- confidence, health and fitness.
With an average weight loss of 7-14lb a month for clients and hundreds of hand written testimonials and reviews, Rachel’s results speak for themselves.
blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar levels returning to
normal ranges.
Clients often comment on just how impressed their
doctors are with their health improvements. ‘My doctor is very happy - I’ve been able
to come off blood pressure and cholesterol medication.’
Another client’s doctor said, ‘You’ve lost 2 1⁄2 stone despite
being on thyroxine!’
Rachel and her team have
helped over 8,000 clients of
all ages to reduce their weight
successfully with the Metabolic
Weight Loss Programme. Many come to
see her as a last resort and are delighted to have achieved and successfully maintained the weight they want to be.
One-to-one support
Time and again, clients comment that they couldn’t have lost their weight without the personalised support and encouragement of Rachel and her team. Consultations are available every 7-10 days with email support as needed. For those who are not able to visit the centre, a very successful phone support service is provided.
Call now for a free consultation
01342 327396
A sustainable way to lose and maintain your weight
The Metabolic Weight Loss Programme is designed to help make the necessary changes in your eating habits, increase your metabolic rate, get to the weight you want to be and then maintain it. It is easy to follow and there are no pills, diet shakes or meal replacements.

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