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4 March 2021 • Forest Row Local
Happy March!
I would always say I’m a bit of an Autumn/Winter kind of girl but after such a long January and freezing February, I am really looking forward to Spring! Who’s with me?
I would like to take the opportunity to introduce Georgina who has recently come on board at Forest Row Local to help me out. Lots of you have already said hello to her whilst we were working on putting the March Issue together. Scott
is still around but taken a bit of a step back to focus on other work projects.
We have had some fantastic contributions this month which we really hope you enjoy reading about. One in particular we think is such a great initiative; A new Community wide listening project has launched in Forest Row. The Big Listen (TBL) is an independent project which aims to create more Community cohesion and reduce isolation and loneliness - see page 6 for more information.
There are so many wonderful independent businesses in our community and now more than ever we need to provide as much support as we can to them.
Stay well, stay safe...
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Community Wide Listening Project Launched in Forest Row
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Katherine & Georgina

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