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18 October 2020 • Forest Row Local
   Spicy Beetroot Soup & Shark Fin Humous
All I can think of when it comes to October food is pumpkin soup, but I’m sure I went that way last year, so this year I’m sharing a super simple, warming spicy beetroot soup.
That was supposed to be a spider web decoration for halloween but I do appreciate it has not worked brilliantly!
Serves 4
450g cooked beetroot (from a pack, or if you’re using fresh beets, the raw weight is 550g - If you have the time, you can’t beat the flavour (accidental pun!) of using fresh beets.
150g potato cut into cubes.
1200ml vegetable stock (homemade or made from a cube)
1 inch piece of fresh ginger, peeled & grated.
3 teaspoons medium curry powder
4 heaped teaspoons dijon mustard
salt and pepper to taste
optional single cream or soya cream to serve.
1. If you’re using Raw beetroot preheat the oven
to 180c. Place the beetroot in a dish and bake
for around 90 mins (I find cooking time varies depending on the size and variety of the beetroot - some are done in an hour, some need two hours - You want the skin to be starting to crinkle and they’ll feel soft if you poke a knife in the centre.)
2. Leave to cool. Once cool, peel the skins off & discard. Weigh out 450g.
3. Slice the potato up, add to a saucepan with just enough stock to cover the potatoes, the grated ginger & the curry powder. Bring to the boil, then cover & simmer until the potato is soft & cooked.
Leave to cool.
4. Place the potato & it’s stock, cooked beetroot & the
mustard into the blender and blitz. Add as much of the rest of the stock as you need to get your preferred consistency. Add salt & pepper to taste.
5. To make the spider’s web decoration, drizzle the cream around in a spiral shape, then take a knife and draw it through the cream in lines from the centre outwards.
And in line with halloween the second recipe could not be easier - more of an idea than a recipe really -
some non sugary halloween fun!
Shark Fin Houmous
You will need 1 tub of houmous (or you can make your own if you still have the recipe from last month).
Blue food coloring
A bag of blue corn chips.
Red food coloring, or I actually used Beetroot juice here.
1. Mix the blue food coloring into the houmous until you get the desired blue colour.
2. Arrange the blue corn chips in the houmous to look like shark fins.
3. When you are ready to serve, drizzle the beet juice or red food coloring over the houmous to look like blood.
4. Having made this with both beet juice (as shown) and red food coloring, I do think the red food coloring produces a better aesthetic, but the beet juice produces a better taste!
by Ella Easton
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