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6 October 2020 • Forest Row Local Forest Row WI are Alive and Kicking!
And inviting you to join...
Whilst many organisations have regrettably, closed their doors during the pandemic because they can’t meet, Forest Row WI are very much alive...
At the start of lockdown we immediately took activities online. The book group met from April onwards by the wonders of zoom. Joining the book group zoomers were the theatre watchers (cirque du soleil, Phantom and many others being available free),
the gin tasters and not least
the committee. Harnessing our talents we produced (well one talented lady does the editing)
a bi- monthly newsletter with contributions from many members: recipes, stories, poems, photos of our gardens and reviews of things we have done or seen. Each month we have had a quiz completed by some of the groups or families or groups of friends. Our craft group have issued a monthly challenge: cloth bag, luna lapin rabbit,
flower arrangements, decorated cup cakes in any medium and a limerick writing competition. Since lockdown eased the walkers have walked in small groups. The crafters also rose to the challenge of the PPE shortages, individual members made scrubs, face coverings,
bags, hats and gowns whilst our craft group’s offer to make face coverings for members (in return for a donation) raised nearly £500 for the air ambulance.
Whilst we have missed our tea/ coffee and cake, every member has been spoken to by someone on the committee..... and our main
meetings started up ‘online’ We decided to invest in some more expensive speakers who live to
far away to visit us.. so we had Howard Middleton from Bake Off broadcasting from Sheffield, Carla Phillips from The Wirral talking about everyday life in Viking Britain and Jo Kaddish on the RNLI. Our September meeting will feature Sarah Slater talking about Secrets, Scandal and Salacious Gossip.. the Royal family at play.
On a national level the WI
have really taken on board the concerns of many and moved our subscription renewal date for 2021 three months.. so we will all get three months for free!! I can’t think of many, if any other organisations that have done this. We are not the only WI to keep going during lockdown and social restrictions and one day we will be back in the room together but we were not prepared to be beaten!
Forest Row WI is alive and kicking and happy to accept new members. If you join in October it is £10.75 until 1st April! A bargain by anyone’s standards. Email with your address for a membership form. We are quite a lively bunch with a range of interests and activities, an excellent way to meet new people in your community, make new friends learn new things and develop new skills.....
   01342 889 455

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