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6 September 2020 • Forest Row Local
 Forest Row Zero Waste Project
Forest Row residents will be receiving a ballot through their door offering them the opportunity to vote for three different schemes the Parish Council are considering implementing in the near future.
It isn’t a competition for the most popular as you can vote for one, two or all three proposed schemes. ‘Frow ReSource’ is a not-for-profit community interest company working to reopen and refine the village Waste and Recycling Centre which was closed in 2018. Initially a group known as WRAG (Waste and Recycling Group) campaigned to stop the closure of the site,
a decision made by East Sussex County Council; unfortunately their efforts did not succeed. That group evolved and have spent the past eighteen months working to have the centre reopened with a broader and more refined vision of how to deal with local waste. Their plans involve re-use, recycling and repair whilst including entrepreneurial activities. They still hope to retain a collection service for specific types of waste which the village lost at the time of the closure.
‘Frow ReSource’ hopes to offer something quite different to the community than that which was available under the original Council
run site. The emphasis will be on creating zero waste in the village and believe it is important that the management and disposal of waste is taken seriously. As a nation we are well aware of the problems caused by the amount of waste we create and are constantly reminded of how our plastic is ending up in oceans miles from our shores and our recycling waste is shipped to other countries, often rejected, only to be brought back again.
The group behind Frow ReSource want to achieve zero waste in the village by using tried and tested progressive waste management strategies. They want to draw our attention to our relationship with the things we discard and the affect this has on the planet. The scheme will support entrepreneurial and educational activities to support reduction of refuse, recycling, recovering, up-cycling, re-using, repairing and re-gifting of unwanted materials that have not yet reached the end of their use.
The scheme will give residents of Forest Row the opportunity to responsibly dispose of unwanted possessions while significantly reducing the need to travel to the nearest Council-run waste site. There will also be a community shop which will replace the charity shop that was run successfully in the village a few years ago.
Residents will be able to reduce their waste footprint and promote the wellbeing of the planet through this enterprising plan. Advice will be sought, and lessons learned from others already on the journey to zero waste and support and encouragement will be offered to those who want to learn from them both nationally and internationally. There are also some very important aims in addition to those already mentioned; to offer local employment, apprenticeships, provide profit and support to local initiatives in the village, and contribute to village retail and community life.
‘Frow ReSource’ and its supporters would really appreciate your vote in the upcoming ballot. To find out more about their plans you can go to their website
01342 889 455

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