Movie World Premiere of Broken Eyes – a locally made feature film

“Broken Eyes” is an independent no-budget film made locally and predominately filmed in Forest Row. Rated a PG, and set in Lingfield and East Grinstead, it is a gentle drama about a former nurse, Audrey, who lost her sight and is coming to grips with the changes in her life.

Upon losing her sight she has gained a supernatural ability to see and speak to ghosts who all seem to be searching for closure before they can move on; a well-dressed man, a dancer, a fireman, a tennis player, and a mysterious frightened shadow man. She also meets a young ghost called CJ who has not yet passed into this part of the realm, making her invisible to Audrey, but still able to see things in the world of the living. With CJ’s help, Audrey is able to help the ghosts to realise their personal stories and help them to remember how they died.

Audrey lives with her best friend, Irene, who worries about Audrey’s ghost-adventures which often take place in public parks and graveyards. Will this new-found ability to help the dead bring them closer together, or is it all in her imagination to fill the hole left behind by her sudden blindness?

When Eveshka Ghost wrote the script, it was nicknamed “Senses” and “Faces of Death”, but eventually evolved into something a lot more friendly and brighter despite the gentle theme of death. It was written with no intention to shoot any time soon and shelved. When Eveshka met local actor Caroline Gilbert, she read the script and insisted the movie should be made. Eveshka lacked the confidence to find that many actors, so Caroline agreed to cover that task so that Eveshka could focus on directing and filming it. After 31 sessions, varying in difficulty and frustration, we had our movie! Most of the main actors are part of Forest Row Players such as Sally and Shane Hannam and Caroline herself.   

This will be Eveshka Ghost’s 5th World Première in the cinema and Broken Eyes has already won two awards in American Festivals for best soundtrack and best low budget film.

Broken Eyes is premièring at Scott Cinemas, East Grinstead on the 7th (already sold out) and the 14th October. It is anticipated the East Grinstead Town Mayor will be there on the 14th October. Tickets can be purchased online from
selecting the Advanced Booking Option. 

“I strongly believe that ‘Broken Eyes’ has a powerful positive message to be enjoyed regarding the ability to appreciate things that are right before our eyes, whether or not they are broken” – Eveshka Ghost, Director