A Safer Country Means a More Prosperous Country: 

2020 represents a fruitful opportunity for more prosperity and security. That is why an unwavering commitment to our Armed Forces is increasingly important.

As your MP, I have always campaigned for proper care for those who serve our country today, as well as for those who did so in the past. A new rail card for veterans is a momentous step in the right direction. Complemented by a scheme of guaranteed job interviews for veterans applying for public sector roles, the policy aims to offer those who have put their lives on the line for this country flexibility and opportunity when they leave service. It also shows new recruits that, whatever happens, they will never be left to their own devices.

We must also make sure that all personnel, past and present, are free from the threat of vexatious claims. This means that our military men and women can do their jobs without fear of repeated investigations down the line.

In my role as Maritime Minister, I am responsible for commercial shipping. Every day, I see how important security is, both at home and overseas. I work closely with the Ministry of Defence and industry representatives to make sure that our commercial ships are safe wherever they may be in the world, especially in the Strait of Hormuz, amid rising tensions in the region.

At home, we must also make sure that we offer vulnerable people the safety net they need. Overdue updates to the Mental Health Act and a much-awaited Domestic Abuse Bill move us closer to that objective.

I know from helping my own constituents how struggling with mental health issues and trauma can make one feel helpless. I have taken inspiration from their hopes and their courage to lobby for better mental health provisions and a bill to protect families from the devastating impact of domestic abuse, ever since I first took my seat in the House of Commons.

My aims for Wealden are clear: safety, fairness, and prosperity, as part of a compassionate country.

Broadband: Election Promise Made. Election Promise Delivered: 

Nus Ghani welcomes the fantastic news that persistent campaigning has resulted in an announcement that full fibre broadband is on its way to Wealden. 

Clive Selly, the Openreach CEO, unveiled an ambitious plan for building full fibre broadband facilities in 227 market towns and villages across the UK.

Hailsham, Horsebridge, Lower Dicker, Upper Dicker, as well as Forest Row are the locations set to benefit from this much-awaited announcement, with work due to start within the next 14 months.

Upon receiving Clive Selly’s announcement, Nus Ghani said:   ‘I am delighted that the broadband ordeal will soon be over for my constituents. Broadband and mobile coverage are two of the most frequent issues I deal with, as it affects students, businesses, farmers and families. I have been elected on a promise to see better connection in Wealden and today I can say: “election promise made – election promise delivered”.’

‘Over the past five years, I have been relentless in my work to represent Wealden and secure better telecom infrastructure and service. A good connection is no longer a luxury – it is a prerequisite of modern life, with people needing it to book GP appointments, log their tax returns, and keep in touch with loved ones.’

‘Whilst I welcome the fantastic news from Openreach, I will continue to campaign for improvements in other parts of the constituency as well. I will not stop lobbying the company until all of Wealden can surf the internet at 21st century speeds.’