Premium Page Options

Premium page options are full page adverts in the magazine that enjoy the highest visibility, such as the back cover, inside front and back and early right hand pages. We also have the option to book the centre pages.

We have various options available to suit all budgets. Single month, three months, six months and twelve months. The discounted bulk booking options are not available for the centre pages. This is because all of our full page 12 month advertisers are offered this for one of their bookings free of charge. Please check with us for availability of the centre pages before booking online.

If you commit to advertising with us each month either by; choosing our 12 month booking option, choosing the GoCardless Direct Debit payment option at checkout, or  setting up a standing order we will place your logo on our website free of charge. You will be able to post press releases, testimonials or any local news about your business on our blog once per month. We will also share these to our facebook and instagram pages.

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