Say yes, to ditch heating oil and go renewable!

Did you know that 95% of properties in many of the rural areas surrounding Forest Row rely on carbon intensive heating oil for heating and hot water? Do you want to change that?

Forest Row Energy has the chance to receive up to £40,000 in government funding to support our community to transition from using heating oil to renewable options such as air and ground source heat pumps, but we need to hear from you to make it happen!

We will use the funding to support 50 households and 3 community buildings, that currently rely on heating oil, to go renewable. As part of the support we will provide a free survey and financial analysis to find out what the best option for renewable heating is for you.

We will also be looking to build a local fund so that you can install renewable heating and ‘pay as you save’ rather than having to pay upfront. The aim is to make renewable heat as affordable as possible, generate local ethical investment opportunities and support green business.

If our study shows that the numbers stack up, we will roll out a programme to as many properties as possible. This is a great chance to get of dirty oil and go green!

To qualify you need to:

• Own a home or be a representative of a community building within 15 miles of Forest Row, East Sussex and be using heating oil to heat the property.

• Have an Energy Performance Certificate in place or be willing to get one. You also need to have loft and cavity wall insulation installed and double glazing in place. We need this to show that your property is energy efficient enough to make renewable heating cost effective and to apply for the government subsidy that will help pay for the technology. 

• Allow us access to your property between 9am and 6pm in order to carry out a survey.

• Provide us with your energy bills for one year.

We need to hear from you to make the project happen. Our funding application needs expressions of interest and emails to local support for the project.

If you are interested in getting the free support, please email Put in the subject box ‘I am interested in receiving free support for renewable heat’.

If you are not using oil heating but support the project, please also email us and put in the subject ‘I support local renewable heat for homes and community buildings’.

Forest Row Energy Co-op is part of the national network of community energy co-operatives that are putting the power of energy back in the hands of our local communities.They are a non-profit, community owned organisation with a vision for energy that costs less to us and the environment.  They want to build a self-sufficient, energy efficient local community that is powered by renewable energy. 

Forest Row Energy Co-op have a range of projects and initiatives that are benefiting our community and environment details of which can be found at

Thanks for your support.