Size matters in New Housing Strategy

Wealden’s new housing strategy identifies the need to boost the supply of housing including affordable and private rented housing.

It highlights the importance for smaller properties, shared ownership, shared accommodation options and specialist housing to meet local needs.

“Our research shows the negative impact, both economically and socially, of a lack of housing and the result of living in sub-standard properties,” said Councillor Ray Cade, Cabinet member for Housing. “This authority has a leading role in the provision of quality, healthy and safe housing in our community.”

The Wealden Housing Strategy 2020-25 accepts the need for more homes to be built in the District. The National Planning Policy Framework set a requirement to build 1,231 new homes a year.

Affordable Housing: To help increase the number of affordable houses in the District, the Council’s planning policy calls for all new developments of over 10 houses to include 35% affordable homes. Developers are allowed to argue for a reduction in this share on the grounds that it would make the whole project uneconomical.  Councillor Anne Newton, Cabinet member for Planning & Development, said the Council tries to persuade developers to fulfil their affordable housing obligations. The Council’s website publishes the viability tests developers produce. Through the Local Plan process, the Council will seek to ensure that developers who are able to reduce their 35% obligation, have to make up the difference by providing smaller properties which would be suitable for first-time buyers.

Homeownership is out of reach for many households with affordability in the District remaining a key issue. Wealden is the most expensive area in East Sussex. Its average property price is £377,858 compared to the East Sussex average of £317,192. Based on local earnings, a Wealden resident needs to borrow 11.5 times their income to buy a property in Wealden.

In 2017, Wealden set up a wholly-owned development company, Sussex Weald Homes to meet the demand of first-time buyers or those looking to downsize. Its first development was completed this year in Crowborough which includes properties for shared ownership and affordable properties for rent.

Improving the quality of housing for everyone: The Housing Strategy covers more than just building new homes. It also tackles housing quality. The Council is continuing to improve its own stock. It also works with private landlords to ensure they are aware of the regulations that affect them. Housing also has a key role to play in meeting the Council’s zero carbon commitment. The Council is currently planning how to meet this commitment within our own housing stock and continuing to support the private sector to minimise heating costs where we are able.

Wealden’s new Housing Strategy also highlights the importance of the Council’s role in supporting individuals and communities. This is being achieved through supporting access to private rented accommodation, services for rough sleepers, and using a Tenancy Sustainment Officer to help tenants and landlords in the private rented sector resolve any issues that may lead to homelessness.

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