Sustainable art all in one place…

Ever since childhood, I’ve always been fascinated by the impact art can have on a person. Embodying an idea, emotion, concept or story that a thousand words may struggle to convey, art – as I’m sure you know – has regularly been used as a valuable tool for communication to induce thinking, trigger emotion, and convey knowledge, regardless of language or education. I love this power that it possesses – to be able to cut straight into a person’s core and make them ‘feel’ something.

Art has even been a catalyst for revolution, such as the graffiti and street art which appeared across Cairo during Egypt’s ‘Arab Spring’ uprising of 2011, encouraging communities to rise up against President Hosni Mubarak. The walls of the city were plastered with depictions of scenes from the protests, including parades of martyrs as angels and corpses, which not only served as a constant reminder of the tragedies that occurred, but also encouraged its citizens to persevere with their fight. These artworks were also promoted to vast numbers of people globally through the internet, and despite any language barriers, these artworks acted as an excellent tool for worldwide commentary on the situation directly from source.

After graduating from ECA in 2019, I decided to leverage the special power art has and try to create some positive changes in the world. I have ADHD and it has always been hard for me to concentrate, however when I really love something I can focus very intensely and so I was excited to see how this might develop.  I’ve always been very passionate about the environment, and so, in December 2020, I launched Painted Turtle Galleries – an art gallery and sales platform which offers an exciting selection of ‘sustainable’ art all in one place. These artworks are created by upcycling or recycling materials, or through the deployment of other less-polluting methods, to raise environmental awareness and help encourage a different mindset towards ‘waste’ materials in the art-world and beyond. 

We not only encourage artists to experiment with eco-conscious alternatives in practice, but we also seek to raise awareness of environmental concerns and help promote a ‘greener’ mindset towards discarded materials in everyday life. 10% of our profits are also donated to Plastic Oceans UK through Work for Good.

We currently have an impressive variety of artists who are selling sculptures, prints, original paintings, jewellery (& more) through our gallery – all made with sustainability in mind. These include Wendy Helliwell (who creates 3D collages from old fashion magazines), Koen Noordenbos (a Dutch artist who recycles graffiti paint into beautiful sculptures), and Vince Jo-Nes (creator of London’s famous CyberDog sculptures). 

If you’d be interested in selling and exhibiting through our gallery please get in touch, and alternatively, if you are interested in owning your very own sustainable artwork or buying a unique gift for someone special, come and have a browse through our collection!      Instagram: @paintedturtlegalleries