Tea & Coffee

The Ashdown Forest Act 1974, S.18 (c), permits the sale of ice cream and refreshments from not more than six vehicles on Ashdown Forest.

For the past 35 years, the contract has been awarded to ice cream vendors, but the ongoing pandemic has highlighted the need to review our practices and adapt and diversify to our changing times.

The Conservators are now looking to expand the offer and invite applications from individual ice cream concessions and mobile refreshment1 concessions (i.e. tea and coffee vans), for a trial period of one year, commencing 01 December 2020 and terminating on the 30 November 2021.

To ensure the Conservators can control the impact of additional visitor pressure, the locations for the refreshment vendors have been specified. Vendors awarded licences will be subject to strict regulation to ensure Bye-law compliance.

In a further attempt to modernise our approach, we would particularly welcome applications from clean air/solar power and other zero-emissions vehicles.

We hope such diversity will attract local businesses and operators keen to work in this amazing space and provide our Forest users with some well-earned refreshments.

1 Please note that no food or alcohol sales will be permitted

The fine print:

  1. 1)  The sale of ice cream and refreshment concessions on Ashdown Forest by persons or companies is restricted to those persons or companies authorised by the Board of Conservators under the Ashdown Forest Act 1974; no other person or company is permitted to sell ice cream or refreshments on land forming any part of Ashdown Forest. Anyone contravening this regulation shall be deemed to be an unauthorised person within the meaning of the Bye-laws and shall be immediately removed from the Forest and liable to prosecution
  2. 2)  When an application has been accepted by the Board of Conservators the applicant will be required to sign a licence drawn up by the Clerk to the Conservators set out in the Terms and Conditions in Section 4 of the application form
  3. 3)  Applications for a licence should be made in writing to the Clerk to arrive no later than 23 October 2020
  4. 4)  The Conservators of Ashdown Forest shall not be bound to accept the highest offer, or any offer
  5. 5)  The Conservators of Ashdown Forest shall be entitled to rescind the licence for breach of any condition in Section 4 of the application form
  6. 6)  When preparing your offer, please consult the visitor data in Appendix One of the application form

Please contact conservators@ashdownforest.org for an application form, or download an application form (in PDF or Word format) from our website: