The Repair Café Forest Row not only saves toasters!

Since opening in 2017 the Repair Café has had many different items brought to us. Some are practical like toasters and vacuum cleaners but others have much more meaning or significance to the owner of the item.

One such item that came to us recently was for one very special Forest Row resident who lives in Oakwood Park. The manager there spotted that the lady was struggling to get comfortable when resting but found she got some relief when she was able to rest her feet on something higher than the floor. They remembered that they had an old footstool stored somewhere so they found it and gave it to her. She loved it so much and it was so comfortable for her that she used it all the time, to the point where the material was completely worn through.

To take this to an upholsterers would have been way out of their budget so the lady’s daughter brought it in to the Repair Café to see what could be done. She brought along some lovely lined curtains to use on the stool which were already of a double thickness for extra durability, it was great to be able reuse an item not needed anymore, which fits perfectly with the Repair Café ethos.

One of the volunteer team set to work trimming the material to fit, then folding it, stapling and tacking the material to the footstool – which was quite a task as it took some strength to stretch it over it to fit perfectly flush. She then sewed up the corners and produced a stunning new cover for the beautiful old footstool.

The lady’s daughter was so pleased she ran around to find someone to take a photo of the finished product – which you can see below – and made a very generous donation for the work that was carried out. She knew her mother would be over the moon, which she was. This is why the Repair Café is more than just a place to fix toasters, it helps with items that make a real difference to a person’s wellbeing – like this stool.

The Repair Café is now a volunteer-run, not-for- profit community group, after going independent from the Parish Council. It totally relies on donations to continue its work. If you would like any further information, see their social media pages or email

We run on the 3rd Saturday of the month at the Community Centre, Hartfield Road, Forest Row, from 10am-1pm, with last orders taken at 12.30pm.
We hope to see you there!