Walking for Health 2020

Each January gym memberships soar as people wake up to their tightening waist bands after the Christmas excess, but very few of those who sign up continue to attend once the initial enthusiasm dies down and the memories of Christmas fade. Everyone is aware of the need to move more and for most of us the idea of going to the gym is just that, an idea. Many of us don’t even get to the signing up stage. We’ve either been there, done that or just the thought of putting on Lycra and exercising in front of strangers is just too much to bear. 

It has been proven that the best way to exercise is to take up an activity that can become a routine and one that doesn’t feel like a punishment. What better way to get fit than to do so doing something that most able bodied do every day? Unfortunately, just not enough. 

Walking has been repeatedly put forward as one of the best forms of exercise we can do and yet most of us don’t make use of it. Its not only good for the body but the mind too, especially walking in company and in pleasant surroundings.

Walking is quoted as ‘the nearest activity to the perfect exercise’ at www.walkingforhealth.org.uk 

In the ‘Walking Works’ report written by Professors Jerry Morris and Adrienne Hardman, England is experiencing a serious inactivity crisis which is leading to life threatening consequences. The report states that Walking for Health, England’s largest network of heath walks is the type of community based, supportive and affordable programme that can achieve the sort of changes that are needed. Walking gets you fit, happy and improves overall mental health and its free, which makes it a completely inclusive activity.

You can check out Walking for Health’s website and find walks available near you by entering your post code or area. You can find information about how to set yourself realistic goals and to stay motivated. You can even sign up for a walking challenge and raise money for charity. There is a link on the website which takes you direct to the Macmillan charity and all the upcoming events taking place. You can sign up for a walk on your own or go along with a friend, either way you are sure to meet lots of new people sharing similar goals and make new friends along the way. Walk just for fun or use a pedometer and watch those step totals rise with the satisfaction of knowing you are walking yourself to better health.

Even those with health conditions can take part and make a difference to their lives by pursuing this low impact form of exercise. You can walk with a trained walk leader who will help you feel more confident. There is plenty of information on the website for those with specific conditions. If you have had health conditions in the past or are experiencing them now you can still join in and start reaping the benefits.